Sydney Seaplanes


Sydney Seaplanes offers a comprehensive range of training programs.

We are one of Australia's largest seaplane operators and are the only seaplane company in Australia to have CASA approval to conduct Regular Public Transport (RPT) operations.  This approval ensures we meet the same high standards as other regional airlines such as Qantas Link and Regional Express, and requires our training pilots to hold CAR 217 Check and Training approval.  The result being your training will be of the highest standard and widely acknowledged as being delivered to an industry leading level.

Our fleet mix means that we can provide endorsements for pilots seeking commercial work in the types of aircraft most widely used in commercial operations in the world today.


Andy Gross

Andy has been with Sydney Seaplanes since 2008 and is the current Chief Pilot and Head of Check and Training.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and prior to moving to Sydney was flying DHC-2 floatplanes in South East Alaska.  Born in Alaska and raised in Oregon Andy also has experience in the C-208 Amphibian and as a flight instructor.  Passionate about seaplanes, Andy enjoys sharing the unique experience and versatility of flight from the water.

Adam Holt
Adam is a former Chief Pilot and Head of Check and Training for Sydney Seaplanes. He holds a BAS of Applied Science and has operated seaplanes in the Kimberley, Whitsundays and the Sydney region. Adam has extensive experience in the C-208 flying them in most configurations including skydiving and night freight. He has over 2000 hours on type.

Rob Britten
Former Chief pilot and Head of Check and Training at Sydney Seaplanes, Rob spent 20 years flying Beavers and Caravans from Rose Bay, Sydney and is one of Australia's most experienced seaplane pilots and instructors. Rob has conducted many float endorsements for both professional and private pilots. Rob has over 4000 hours on a DHC-2 Beaver seaplane.

Training Programs:

We conduct initial float training in the DHC-2 Beaver. This provides the student with experience in the most popular seaplane in commercial use throughout the world. The course is conducted over approximately 5 days with the initial day spent on the theory of water flying and the aircraft. Our course covers all aspects of operating seaplanes from docking, beaching, mooring and sailing. We also conduct thorough training in all emergency procedures including engine failures right to touch down on the water. The course includes a low level awareness section which is a must for all seaplane pilots. The course is competency-based and we train our students to the standards we would expect from one of our own charter pilots.

Cost - $7000 which includes all endorsement and aircraft handling notes and five hours of flying (Airswitch) which equals approximately 6.5 to 7 hours of log book time.

This course is designed for pilots who have conducted their initial float endorsement on other aircraft types and wish to gain some experience in the Beaver. The course is set over two days with the first day used as a refresher to the operating principles of float planes and an introduction to the DHC-2 Beaver.

On the second day we conduct the flying component of the course which consists of upper airwork including steep turns, slow flight and stalls and then water work, including normal and abnormal circuits. Finally we conduct emergency procedures including engine failures from height, hydraulic failures and engine failures on take off.

The course includes handling notes for the DHC-2 and a day of refresher training on the operating principals of float flying.

Cost - $3500

Sydney Seaplanes are able to offer C208 endorsements in our Amphibious Caravan. The course runs over a three day period. The first day is spent covering the aircraft and its associated systems. The next two days are spent in the aircraft covering all aspects of flight including normal, abnormal and emergency procedures.

The course can be structured to suit the candidate who does not require the float plane component. Please contact us for details.

The course includes one day of ground school including all notes and 3.5 hours of flying.

Cost - $9500

We offer a familiarization course of the C208 Amphibious Caravan for those who already hold a C208 endorsement but have not flown the Caravan on floats before. These courses will be tailored to your requirements and experience level. Please contact us for details.

This course is designed for those pilots who want a career flying seaplanes or for those who just can't get enough of flying from water!

The course starts with an initial float endorsement in DHC-2 Beaver, covering all the basics of float flying. We will then continue into advanced float plane flying with the student being exposed to the various weight and balance considerations that will be faced by a float pilot flying planes near their gross weight. Fuel loadings for multiple stops will also be considered. Advanced docking skills will be learned, as the professional float pilot will be going to many places, some not designed with floatplane docking in mind.

On completion of the initial float plane rating we take you into the real world of float plane flying! We plan three half days of flying which will take you along Sydney's coast line. Stopping at different lakes, rivers and ports, you will be responsible for assessing the weather conditions, water conditions, landing areas and docks. This exposes you to the challenges faced by float plane pilots and provides valuable experience in safely assessing the suitability of water areas for operating seaplanes.

The course includes 15 hours flight time in the DHC-2 Beaver which will equate to roughly 18 hours for your log book. The course can be completed over two weeks or spread out over a longer period if required but we recommend flying at least once a week.

Cost - $20,000

This course can be modified to include a C-208 Caravan endorsement.